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Spotlight with Rosemary Bright

Thursday, December 20, 2018  
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Rosemary Bright, Business Development Director
Lloyd Construction Company, Inc.

I first became an AAED member in 2012, and after a brief hiatus, returned in 2014.  I served as Chair of the Southern Arizona Committee from 2015 to 2017.  I have also served on the Membership Committee, 2015-2016, the Spring Conference Committee, 2017-2018, and am currently serving as the Vice Chair for the AAED Awards Committee.

AAED is comprised of an inspiring group of individualsIt has been a pleasure getting to know these people and understand the economic and political initiatives that they support and implement on behalf of Arizona. Through my involvement in AAED, I have been privileged to gain insight into the impact that the many and varied aspects of our society have on the economic health of the region.  These factors include legislative climate, infrastructure, education, natural resources, and budget allocations, among many other pieces of the complex puzzle that is Arizona’s socioeconomic climate. 

It is the charge of economic developers to incorporate discrete and sometimes conflicting factors into a message that communicates the strength and value of the region they each represent.  Balancing this positive message with the finite resources provided; and attracting the right kind of growth to the region, is no simple task.  Working in business development, I deal with a small subset of the challenges that economic developers do. Therefore, I have a deep admiration for the economic development practitioners who deal with these tricky and often incongruous issues in their entirety, every day.

Constant communication and connectedness are commonalities of the individuals driving our state.  The most successful people I have met are able to find synergies across their networks and connect people; thereby, making positive things happen.  Through AAED, I have been able to tap into these synergies and connect with people on a higher level in Arizona’s economic development and business communities.  I look forward to remaining engaged with this vibrant and significant organization for many years to come.

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